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I have a problem with waiting.I really don't like it. I am a right-now kinda gal. I'm done waiting for winter to fully arrive. Let's just skip this half & half seasonal stuff & go straight to Spring. If we can't have a good solid winter, I'm done.

I really want to see my new baby goats & have fresh milk again. I'm not so impatient that I want them right now. That wouldn't be good. I will wait for them because that means healthy kids.For now I will dream about all the cuteness that will ensue. Oh, the cuteness! It's almost too much to bear.I think I might be able to make it through. Then again, I might get smothered by all the babies....

For those of you who read my ramblings daily, thank you. Did you notice that I missed last night? It was close to 10pm when I realized that I didn't write anything. What was I doing instead of blobbing? (That's what George calls it.)Nothing. I was sitting on the couch with my husband watching TV. That's it. Well, & drinking tea. We did talk while watching TV. Then I was off to bed to get some rest for early rising cow milking.

I am waiting to start seed planting. I have my list of gorgeous vegetables that I want to start, plant, harvest, eat & store. Last year's garden was good. I was overwhelmed with tomatoes. I did get some canned that we are enjoying. I didn't get to focus enough time on the produce part of the farm. I was extremely discouraged with the loss of the bean crop due to marauding rabbits & groundhogs. We redid the fence a 3rd time only to decide that I'm going to increase the garden size, again, this year.I'm hoping to have enough produce to feed us, put up a good bit, & have extra to sell.

I'll just have to wait to see what will come about with this old farm. I have a vision of what I want to see happen with it. I am waiting with anticipation to see this dream come to fruition.

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