Two Nickels Sensei

LA Score 2-03   84+VV
DOB: 5/3/16
S: Welshans-Acres E Darren
SS: Lucky*Star's LX Equity *B
SD: CH Dalton's Way Destiny
D: Lady Walkers Shiori LA:86VV++
DS: CH Lynnhaven JBN Shinsei LA:91EEE
DD: SG Dalton's Way TCS Minnie Me

Lady Walkers SH Shogun

DOB: 6/21/16

S: CH Lynnhaven JBN Shinsei

SS: Kastdemur's Just be Nice *B

SD: CH Lynnjaven KT Shiso

D: Lynnhaven BDH Gimmie  a Smooch

DS: Kastdemur's Burnindownthehouse

DD: SG Lynnhaven Kiss me Onemore Time

Two Nickels Aurelio

DOB: 3/21/19

S: Two Nickels TE Maewyn *B

SS: Tempo Everclear

SD: SG Dalton's Way TM Mercedes 

D: Lady Walkers Allagash White

DS: CH Lynnhaven JBN Shinsei

DD: Lynnhaven BDH Gimme a Smooch

Welshans-Acres T Habanero

DOB: 2/26/18

S: Tempo Torino

SS: Kickapoo Valley Travis

SD: SGCH Tempo Hannah

D: SGCH Welshans-Acres E Jenny

DS: SGCH Lucky*Star's LX Equity

DD: Welshans-Acres MC Jennifer

Two Nickels Lincoln

DOB: 4/8/19

S: Two Nickels LSJumbo Jackson

SS: Lucky*Star's TD Jumbo

SD: SGCH Dalton's Way TM Jasmine

D: Two Nickels MW Lexus

DS: Candlelight WAM Magicwand

DD: Two Nickels Princess Lucy

Glen-Dor M Pistachio

DOB: 7/9/19

S: Two Nickels TE Maewyn *B

SS: Tempo Everclear

SD: SG Dalton's Way TM Mercedes

D: Glen-Dor Peanut Butter Cup

DS: Sha-La Meadows Simon

DD: Glen-Dor Southern Buttercup

Located in Martinsburg, PA


Phone: 814-569-5860

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