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Time to get busy

I will start by apologizing for not being here for way too many months. I can't really give you a definite answer as to what I've been doing with all my time.

So, I do know that a bunch of the time went to baking.

Cookies, bread, rolls & deliciousness. Some of the time went to the goats for various reasons such as feeding, general care, breedings & just plain hanging out with them & taking selfies.

Some other time went to homeschooling with my teenagers that want to be more independent but still need supervision & redirecting.

And some more of my time went to general housekeeping, book keeping, cooking & reading.

Some where in all of that I've managed to spent some of the hours with my husband.

And sleep. Sweet sleep. Winter is a time for me to catch up on my rest. From March to November I am go, go, go, go farming from almost sun rise to sun set. The rest of the year is for me to fall asleep watching TV by 7pm on some nights.

Alas, hibernation was officially over for me last Saturday. Why?

Shiori had her kids Sunday morning!!! She had a textbook delivery of 2 cream/white bucklings. She usually has buck/doe twins. This time she surprised me with 2 boys, Nugget & Nugat.

So last week's time went to waking up every couple hours to check on the new family to make sure that Shiori was healthy & well. Having kids & nursing them takes a lot of energy. I would make sure that the boys were able to find her teats on their own or help them out as needed.

And.....the baby goat snuggling. It's a must. Those sweet little babies need to be held & kissed & loved on. That takes time.

Then Allie decided that she wanted to have her kids before this nasty snow storm came. So smart of her! She had her twin boys, Allister & Aloysious, Monday instead of waiting until Thursday. I thanked Allie for her great decision making skills.

And......she had mostly-black & white babies. Yep. Allie is white. Maewyn is white. Black babies came out. Allie is just as confused as we all are. Her daughters last year were as white as she is. I'm not sure how long it will take Allie to come to terms with this. But she is nursing them & keeping them warm.

So those new sweet babies need lovins' & huggings every couple hours. That means setting my alarm for 1am to check on both new families & annoying all the other sleeping goats that really don't appreciate my dark o'clock visits.

With 2 births done, we have 11 more to go. Yep. ELEVEN. Don't ask. I just get excited about having baby goats in the Spring.

Our newest gal, Melanie, is due next Monday. I don't expect her to make it past the weekend. Then the real fun begins! The 1st week of April will be jam-packed of birthing mamas & fresh babies everywhere!!


Make sure you come back to see when Melanie actually has her kids & how many & what color they are!

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