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Our goats are the heart & soul of our Farm. Our days starts with coffee & goats!

Confirmation is a goal of our farm along with personality, parasite resistance, mothering & health qualities. We specialize in producing goats that are suited for family farms, homesteads & 4-H projects.

Most of our goats are registered through ADGA. The majority of them are Lamanchas with a couple Nubian/Lamancha crosses, some Lamancha/Alpine crosses & a few Nubians sprinkled in just for a little variety! All the dams tested CAE negative this year.

The does are fed free choice grass hay & Chaffhaye year round. They receive alfalfa hay while they are in milk & a custom grain mix to supplement their diet. We have ample pasture for them seasonally as well as prunings from our fruit trees along with native bushes & plants from our unruly fence rows & garden waste that they really appreciate!

We are currently not showing our goats or on milk test. That doesn't mean our goats are ugly or poor producers. It just isn't part of our lifestyle right now.

Most of our kids are dam-raised & extremely friendly. We usually end up with a few bottle babies every spring that then become little velcro goats later on!


Come meet our Herd!

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