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Counting Down

It seems that I have developed a sinus infection from some moldy hay that I procured a couple of weeks ago. I have also developed the ability to get snot from my sinuses onto my eye via my tear duct. Gross, huh? With this new found talent, I have found myself with some sort of eye infection in my right eye. Special.

I did see something really special this morning, before my eye started to get goopy. It was Shiori & her daughter, Sunshine, snuggled together. It's the picture above. Sunshine is so comfortable in her mother's care that she is unaware of the snow that is just barely touching her. That's how life should be. We should be so blissfully unaware of discomfort because we know that we are loved.

I'm having a hard time forgetting that my eye is causing me discomfort & blurry vision even though I am abundantly loved. Some annoyances are just hard to overlook. I find dirty socks lying around maddening. It wouldn't do me any good to stew & fume over it. I am trying to get the culprit to learn to put them into the hamper. I'll update on the progress later.

It's also hard to not notice how plumpy the goats are getting! Bellies are getting wider. We have about a month & a half until we get to enjoy new babies on the farm. I relish this time & worry over this time. What if something goes wrong & a doe & her kids die? What if Mazy gets Ketoacidosis again? What if there are too many babies for me to love all at the same time?

I will be getting the birthing kits assembled soon. The mamas, old & new, will be needing their CD&T vaccines soon so the babies will have immunity to nasty bacteria that can be harmful to them. I'll do 1 last foot inspection/trim before they kid & give them a backside shave to make birthing clean up easier.

The barn, huts & pens will get cleaned out at the Beginning of March. Why wait until March? Well, the deep-packed straw & manure that is on the floors right now are providing radiant heat to the goats. The pack is composting and creating heat. This keeps the girls comfy when they sleep. Think heated seats. I'll wait until March to clean this out because the weather should be warmer, & I don't want all that bedding down when the kids are born.

Well, all this staring at a screen is causing my eye to hurt. I'm off to dream about snuggling with baby goats.

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