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The Market Gardens

The garden is where we grow produce to sell & eat. Last year the garden was started by putting down cardboard & newspaper, soil, our own goat manure bedding & then mulch. This method allows us to utilize the grasses in the field as a green manure. The cardboard & newspaper give the earthworms a place to hide while they are turning the grass into useful nutrients & feed the soil. The manure bedding also feeds the soil & helps keep moisture in the soil to reduce on watering. The mulch on top also helps retain moisture. In  time, all of these components will continue to break down & add natural fertilizers.


What does all this mean? Nutrient-rich Vegetables!

The Field Garden

The market gardens are expanding!!

We will be adding hoop houses to aid in our growing capabilities & to extend our growing season.

The gardens have a mix of leafy greens, root vegetables, beans,tomatoes, peppers, summer & winter squash, cukes, melons, herbs, cut flowers & perennials such as rhubarb & asparagus.


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