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Who's next?

Ok. We've seen Mocha, Mazy, Tweed, Shiori & Allie. Who's next? If we are going in the order I got them, then Kate is next! We will talk about all the adults 1st, then the kids.

Proctor Hill Farms Kiss Me Kate is her official name. Kate is Allie's half sister out of their dam, Lynnhaven BDH Gimme a Smooch (Smoochie). While Allie looks almost identical to Smoochie, Kate looks just like her sire, Sunnydale Farm P Boston Strong. Kate is Allie's older sister by about a year. Kate will be 3 on April 5th.

I got Kate from a new friend, Tanya, who knew my other "goat" friend, Lori, who I got Shiori & Allie from. Lori told me that Tayna was selling Kate & urged me to buy her. After talking with Tanya, we set a date for me to go get Kate. Kate was about 130 miles north from us. I packed up my children & loaded the crate for the 2 1/2 hour trip to collect our newest herd member.

We found Tanya's farm, she & Kate were waiting for us. After some formalities & small talk, we were back on the road. We got half way home when we hit road construction. We were at a stand still on I80 south. Mind you, Kate is in the back of the truck in a crate. The crate has a roof & wire sides. The sun was blazing hot. People were taking pictures of us! A couple of people even asked what Kate was!! If you happen to see a picture of Kate in the truck floating around the internet, tag me!

It was rumored that Kate was a little crazy on the milkstand. The 1st time I milked her was great. I love Kate's teats. Weird sentence, unless you love goats or cows. Those of us who do, understand this. The next milking was a bit different. After about a minuet, Both back feet came off the stand at the same time! Kate let the crazy out! After some sleuthing, I figured out that she just eats really fast, & when she's done eating....she's done milking. I just make sure she has plenty of food. She's happy. I'm happy. Milk in the pail.

Kate decided at breeding time that she wasn't happy with my choice for a suitor. I picked Slammer for her. He will improve her overall. No, not who she wanted. Kate had eyes for Burlap. Burlap heard her call for love & jumped both fences for romance. I wasn't there to see what happened. Just to see them standing beside each other..... I put her in the breeding pen with Slammer after that. So....I'm not sure whose kids she is having. That will be a fun surprise in 6 weeks.

I'm glad that Kate came to live with us. She has a quiet demeanor & is very loving, to me. She loves me. Just me. How special do I feel? Very.

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