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Tamara Lou

Mint*Leaf Orange Tamara is black. Really. I know that was terribly forth-coming, but it needed to be pointed out. it confused me at first. Her sire's name is Autumn-Acres Sirius Orange. Typically, a doe is given her sire's name as part of her name. Hence, the black Orange Tamara. The lou part, I gave that name to her. It just suits her.

Tamara is an American Lamancha. She has some alpine not too far down her genetic ladder. She is actually related to our Tweed via Kastdemuer's Full Throttle +*B. He is Tamara's dam's sire. He is Tweed's dam's sire, as well. Their dam is not the same.

Tamara is a loud-mouth! She yells a lot. About what? Mostly because she wants more food. She will yell while she has food in her mouth. Sometimes it sounds like she is drowning. She does love her groceries. Tamara adores her grain so much that she will wag her tail when she first sees her grain! This silly goat will have just finished her portion than stand at the gate yelling for the other goats' feed.

Tamara was the last adult goat that I procured. I shaved her for linear appraisal at Heather's in September. As cold weather blew in, Lou started to grow her winter coat. The best part, aside from Tamara being warm, she looked like a black puffball with legs! She's getting puffier as her coat grows more & her belly grows with babies. What's even more hysterical is when she wants to look at you...up close. She likes to sniff my entire face. Eyeballs in all. It's best to just keep your eyes shut until you don't feel her muzzle anymore.

Tamara was to bred AI to some spectacular stud whom I can't remember his name right now. It was my fault she didn't take. I had her bred a day too early in her heat. I knew she was early, but just wanted the breeder to take care of it while he was there. Because that was a failure, I put her with Mint*Leaf AL Slammer. I think that is a smart match-up. It's not bad to the runner-up.

Tamara had a cute little udder last season.

I'm excited to see it more developed this year. I have noticed the deeper I delve into the goat world, the more I say weird off-the-wall sentences that only "goat people" would understand & appreciate. Like.....I love the way my goats smell. Just the Does. Not stinky nasty rutting bucks. There is no love for that smell. Unless you are a doe in heat. Thank the Lord that is not a sentence I will utter!






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