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Say Hey to Shiori

The 1st time I saw Shiori was a picture of her udder. I couldn't figure out how Mazy's udder got on a buckskin-colored goat. Then to learn that it was Mazy's half-sister, Shiori. Sold! After a bunch of messaging, I ended up with Shiori, Allie & a new friend, Lori.

My dad took Georgie & Me to Cabela's in Hamburg to meet with Lori & claim Shiori & Allie as my own. It was an interesting ride home with 2 new goats in the bed of the truck in a kennel cage with the bed lid down with a tarp wrapped on the sides. I got home to see that George had gotten a seven-point buck. I was trying to get 2 new goats situated while trying to help George get his buck positioned for hanging. All around 6:30-dark o'clock.

Since then I have gotten to love Shiori's beautiful face. I bred her to a buck Named Welshans-Acres E Darren. Darren looked like a Rottweiler in goat form. He had sturdy straight lines & a laid-back disposition. These were his only kids of the season. I was anticipating these kids, & Shiori's udder. She was the last doe to be bred for the season.

Shiori kidded on the first sunny day after a week of rain. She gave us buck/doe twins. The buck, Sensei, looked like her. The doe, Sunshine, looked more like Darren. Shiori was a great mom! Her kids didn't listen as well as Mazy's kids! Shiori would have to bleat & bleat for them to come to her. Those stinkers would both nurse off of the same side, either taking turns or pushing the other off. I had to keep rearranging them until they finally figured it out.

I finally got to milk Shiori. She was dry when I got her. Her udder didn't fill out the way it did for her 1st freshening. She didn't want me to milk her. She would stomp & hop around. I tried everything I knew to milk her. I then changed tactics, I sat beside her. I milk the goats from behind. Not her. Shiori likes to lean on me when I milk her. Ok. No big deal. At least I can milk her. When she's done with me milking her, she sits. Like a dog. Right on her butt. The end.

I kept both the kids. Sensei was was sent to the buck breeding pen at 7weeks old. Sunshine got to nurse off her mama. I had a heck of a time weaning Sunshine off of Shiori. I separated them for a week & a half. Nope. Shiori called Sunshine over for a snack. Right in front of me after I told them to stop. Shiori eventually weaned her after a couple weeks so she could dry off after being bred. They still sleep & eat together.

Here's a little day time drama for you, goat style! Mocha is bred to Sensei. Shiori is bred to Moses, Mocha's son. See the swaping? Mazy, Shiori's half-sister on her dam's (mother) side, & Allie, Shiori's half-sister on her sire's (father) side are both bred to Moses, too. Is it starting feel like Sister-Wives to you?

Either way, I expect a great bunch of kids in 6-7 weeks.

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