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Did you know that goats aren't too keen on politics? When I told them that we got a new President, they didn't care. They didn't react out of the ordinary when I told them about the policy changes he was making. They didn't know any of the people that were nominated for cabinet positions. They only thing they cared about was if there were cookies in our cabinet.

The goats were all of the same mind. They don't care what color they are or their neighbor at the hay rack. Mocha doesn't care that Tweed doesn't like cookies as long as she can have it. Tweed doesn't care that Mocha loves banana peels, as long as she doesn't have to eat it. Nobody seems to care that Violet has long ears & they don't.

Even though they are different, they are still all goats. They all have different personalities. None of them are the same. Even the mothers & daughters. Mazy & Lucy look almost the identical, but have very different temperaments.

I'm talking this out for a couple reasons. First, our current political climate is challenging right now. Families & friends are divided over issues. People are passionate about their beliefs, & that's alright. We don't have to agree with everyone. God has made us in a very unique way. We just need to be respectful of others even if we think they are wrong.

Second, we can be friends with others that hold different views. We just need to find a common ground. Like goats! I'll talk about goats all day long without even mentioning a single political point. What about food? We can all talk about food because we all eat, right? We don't have the same diets, but we all need to have food in our mouths a couple times a day.

Farmers have the same problem. Conventional verses organic. I recently read a post on Facebook about a new farmer who was told that her opinion didn't matter because she was, well, new. As new farmer myself, I realize I don't have all the answers. That's ok. I do think I might have a nugget or 2 of wisdom somewhere that someone might need. Maybe. We should be encouraging each other. Not pointing out the faults & flaws.

I have been working on being more positive this year. Not as a resolution, but as a goal. I try to find 1 good thing to see in the bad. If I don't, my whole day goes into the manure pit. We should take a lesson from the goats. Who cares if you don't like eating banana peels. I don't like eating bananas. How about you eat the banana, & I'll feed the peel to Mocha? Win-win-win!

See the positive! Be the positive!

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