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Grandma Mercedes

So, the last couple of days I haven't written anything. What have I been doing? Friday, my son had a doctor's appointment. We did some grocery shopping, had a lunch date & got our afternoon chores done in time to clean up the house for supper guests. They brought supper! We had a great time of fellowshipping, laughing & daydreaming over seed catalogues.

Saturday was sorta a free-for-all. The boys did some morning rabbit hunting with some friends. I did some odds & ends around the house. I put together a sort of seed-tray-rack. I bought a plastic shelving unit & some LED lights to put my seed trays on. We'll see how this experiment will work out. I'll be sure to update you later. We went to see the Lego Batman movie in the afternoon after I took a nap.

Enough about me. Let's get to the next girl on the list!

SG Dalton's Way TM Mercedes 4*m is the oldest gal in out herd at 8 years old. She is the grand dam of our Proctor Hill Farm Mazywigfield & Lady Walkers Shiori by way of their dam, Dalton's Way TCS Minnie Me. I call her Big Mama.

Even though Mercedes is a bit older than I would normally consider buying, I couldn't pass her up. She was my friend's, Heather, baby. She is just a phenomenal goat. Her genetics are just impressive. I believe she won at the state fair twice.... Don't quote me on that until I get that confirmed. I had Mercedes AI'd to a lad named Tempo Everclear. I'm excited to see how that turns out! I do hope she has twins. She historically has a single kid. Then again, she doesn't normally take to AI.... Maybe. Just maybe.

Mercedes is the herd queen. She de-throned Mocha after 4 days of negotiations. Mercedes owns the barn & 4 hayracks. Just ask her. She is not quiet fond of hugs & kisses. She does enjoy cookies and snacks! And a good butt-scratching. A trait she passed down to her granddaughters & great-granddaughters.

Even though we just got Mercedes 6 months ago, she is a big part of our herd. I hope she will be part of our herd for many years. I think she'll end up retiring here at our farm.

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