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Allie Gal!

Lady Walkers Allagash White. I got her when I got Shiori. Allie was only 7 months old. She was a kid. I didn't tell George that I was getting Allie with Shiori. Would he really notice a little white goat among all the black & brown goats that we had at the time?

Allie will be 2 years old on March 4th. She has grown to be 1 of my biggest girls in size & personality. She is very vocal when she wants food! Allie is 1st in line for breakfast. If given the chance, she will eat anybody else's breakfast!

Allie was bred to our Two Nickels Moses. I see Allie as a coconut macaroon & Moses as a chocolate. Their kids are going to be bon bons or smores! They will definitely be cute enough to snuggle. I'm excited to milk Allie. She has a promising udder.

I took Allie & Bevie on a road trip with my Aunt to New Jersey to a show. The girls rode in dog crates in the back of my pick-up truck for 5 1/2 hours in the heat at the end of May. It was 80deg at 12am when we pulled into Lori's farm. The next day was scorching hot & dripping with sweat & humidity. We waited all day to finally show the girls. Aunt Bev showed Bevie. She got 1st in her age group. It didn't hurt that she was the only goat in that group.... Allie got placed at the end of her age group because she was over-conditioned, or fat. They didn't even mention how cute her freckles are! I know that's not a scorable trait. It should be.

That goat is my Allie Gal. Her freckled nose brings me happiness each morning. That freckled nose tries to get into anything that contains food or might look like food. Allie likes her groceries. I'm more than happy to oblige her with snacks. And love. And cookies.


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