The Breeding List is coming!!

We bred most of our does this year in preparations for Linear Appraisal & our 1st ever milk test!

We didn't breed any of our yearlings born last year & a handful of our older retired gals.

All of our bred does tested CAE negative this year. We never had any abscesses & have tested negative for TB & Brucellosis in previous years.

We allow our does to raise their kids, if they are able & want to.

We reserve the right to refuse any sale for any reason. 

We reserve 1st choice doe kid or buck kid from each breeding.

2nd choice reservations are on a 1st come/1st reserve.

While we do not require a deposit on a kid/doe/buck, we expect you to keep your word unless there is an extreme condition.

Doe kids start at $300. These are from first freshening does. Prices go up from there depending on the Dam's udder & production.

Unpapered bucks that leave before 3 weeks are $50. After that, they are $100. Bucks that are deemed worthy to be sires are $250 & will be registered.

Occasionally we will have adult does & bucks for sale. We will post them on our "For Sale" page & our Facebook page. Feel free to ask if you are looking for doe in milk or a dry doe.

Kids are disbudded around a week old. CD&T vaccines are given at 3weeks & 6weeks old. Coccidi prevention is started at 3weeks old. 

Located in Martinsburg, PA


Phone: 814-569-5860

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